Sunday, October 21, 2012

Presidential Debate Number three two part #Romnesia Contest

How much #Romnesia will we be subjected to in debate number three and how much #Romnesia will it be cumulatively for all four debates? That is the subject of our two part #Romnesia contest.

In part one, the contest is to guess how many seconds will there be between Romney lies.
In the second Presidential debate, Romney told a lie every 79 seconds. In the Vice Presidential debate, Paul Ryan told a lie every 100 seconds. In the first Presidential debate, Romney told a lie every 84 seconds.

I am in at 75 seconds between lies for Romney in the third and final debate. What is your guess?

In part two of my contest for the 3rd debate, Romney and Ryan are up to 82 lies:
1st Presidential debate, Romney told 27 lies
Vice Presidential debate, Ryan told 24 lies
2nd Presidential debate, Romney told 31 lies
The contest is to guess how many lies will the team of Romney and Ryan end this debate season with.

I say they will end up with 115 lies between them, meaning Romney will tell 33 lies in the final debate. What do you think?