Sunday, August 4, 2013

Heads up - Top Story for this weeks show is Whistleblowing!

Don't miss this week's Making Sense with Steve Leser Radio show! 7pm Eastern time on (link below) and 2pm Pacific time on KCAA Radio 1050am in Inland Empire, California. Our top story this week is Whistleblowing, specifically the cases of Bradley Manning and Eric Snowden and the journalists who broke their stories, Glenn Greenwald and Julian Assange. Did those whistleblowers do the right thing? Did the journalists behave responsibly? Should they all have gone about things differently? This follows up on an appearance on RT I made this past week to discuss all of the above.

Then, Pope Francis gave an impromptu speech on the church’s position in regard to gay Catholics. It shocked some people but does it represent a change?

As always we will have our trademark hall of fame and shame for those politicians and prominent individuals who made great sense or shameful nonsense respectively.