Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dick Armey, former GOP House Majority Leader Criticizes current House Republican Leadership on my Radio Show this week

Calling out the man who holds the job he used to hold, Dick Armey noted that Current House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was appointed to Deputy Whip by Roy Blunt, then turned around and ran against Blunt for House Whip (Blunt then dropped out of the race for the spot), agreeing with my suggestion that Cantor is an opportunist about whom Boehner needs to be concerned.

Also, noting he thinks the world of current Speaker John Boehner, the former House Majority Leader discussed what he thought was lacking in how the Speaker is handling the current crisis.

The full exchange can be heard 7pm ET Sunday at and Monday 2pm Pacific on KCAA 1050am in Southern California.

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