Saturday, April 27, 2013

Join my Phonebank campaign to demand the White House and your representative recognize the Armenian Genocide


Join this calling campaign to the White House and Congress urging them to recognize the Armenian Genocide. 

From 1915-1923, 1.5 million Armenian men, women and children were killed by the Ottoman Turkish Government. Since then, Turkey has made it ILLEGAL to talk about the Armenian genocide -- and to make matters worse, the Turkish government has used threats and intimidation -- an internation gag rule-- on speaking out on the genocide.

While a Senator and Presidential candidate, Barack Obama pledged to recognize the Armenian genocide -- but he has since failed to live up to his promise.

Take a look at this short segment from ABC World about the Armenian Genocide, then join our calling campaign to the White House and members of Congress.

Details about the Armenian Genocide Resolution in Congress
Spearheaded by Representatives Robert Dold (R-IL), Adam Schiff (D-CA), and Armenian Caucus Cochairs Frank Pallone (D-NJ) and Ed Royce (R-CA), the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.304) calls upon the President to ensure that the foreign policy of the United States reflects appropriate understanding and sensitivity concerning issues related to human rights, ethnic cleansing, and genocide documented in the United States record relating to the Armenian Genocide.
In the Senate, Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Mark Kirk (R-IL) have spearheaded similar legislation (S.Res.399)