Monday, April 22, 2013

Making Sense with Steve Leser - Special on Genocide 04/21-22

Making Sense with Steve Leser - Special on Genocide 04/21 by Making Sense with Steve Leser | Blog Talk Radio

Today's show is an hour long special on Genocide.

Guests will be survivors and decendants of survivors from the Armenian, Cambodian, Rwandan Genocides as well as the Holocaust. They are

Armenian Genocide: Karine Shnorhokian, who is the grandchild of survivors

The Holocaust: Sol Rosenkranz, a survivor of the holocaust

The Killing Fields of the Cambodian Genocide: Bun Yom, survivor.

The Rwandan Genocide: Nibagwire Dida, survivor, will participate from Kigali, Rwanda

The show will begin with me introducing each of the guests and asking each to give an 8-10 minute description of their experiences with genocide. Then I plan to have a question and answer and crosstalk where we discuss similar experiences, ways in which earlier genocides may have in fact served as a blueprint for later genocides or emboldened the perpetrators of future genocides and also problems with getting the perpetrators identified and prosecuted.

Finally, we will discuss strategies for improving the odds that will make "Never Again" a reality.

Also, be on the lookout here at for an upcoming posting with extended interviews with each of our guests!